For some of us, returning to the office after finally perfecting the cushty WFH setup might seem like the end of the world. For the social butterflies, it might be a godsend. Whichever way you’re inclined, as a lot of folk reboot the commute, it’s worth remembering how to look after yourself at work both in body and mind. 

The joys of health and safety 

Since the pandemic's dreaded C-word is still very much a part of our daily lingo, one priority should be familiarising yourself with the latest workplace health and safety policies, as well as any support that’s available to you. Sure, it’ll probably put you to sleep faster than you can say “keep a two metre distance at all times”, but, if you’re in the know, it’ll go a long way towards reducing anxiety and stress levels. 

Think happy thoughts 

Admittedly, it’s easier said than done, but if you’re one of those people that isn’t particularly buzzing about being back in the bullpen, try and remember what you enjoy about being there. 
Focus on the friendships, the office banter, the social events, the value you find in the work that you do, or the goals that you’re working towards. Focus on the positives. 

Keep it movin’ 

It’s fairly obvious to most at this point that bums on seats does not equal productivity. Whilst working at home, a lot of us probably started getting used to sticking on a load of washing or nipping to let the dog out. Little breaks like that are proven to help reduce sitting-fatigue, improve motivation and boost productivity. 
So keep it movin’, go make a brew, chat with colleagues, or find any way you can to get a mental reset. If you get enough time on your lunch for a walk, quick gym trip or any other decent chunk of exercise, it can boost your focus more than you may realise. 

Fuel up the right way 

Choccy biscuits in the meeting room? Stash of sweets in your desk drawer? As tough as it may be to hear, it’s probably time to cut them out for good. Not only do they contribute towards a few pesky pounds on the waistline here and there, but they also lead to some pretty nasty crashes once the sugar rush winds down. 
It’s not at all uncommon for office workers to experience an afternoon dip in energy. Healthy snacks like fruit, yoghurt or nuts can help prevent the crash, whilst drinking plenty of water will maintain your concentration. A super-healthy homemade lunch on top of this will leave your body and your bank balance feeling grateful. 

Make your workstation… work 

Whether you worked from home with an all-singing, all-dancing triple-monitor setup or peered out at your laptop from under a heap of blankets, now’s the time to start protecting your posture. 
Look into how you can improve the ergonomics of your workstation, keeping your chair at the right height, your monitor at eye level – all that jazz. You’ll thank yourself in the years to come. 

How do you do it? 

Any other tips for staying happy and healthy in the office? We’d love to hear your ideas, so do feel free to drop a comment below. 
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