By creating buyer personas, you can work wonders towards developing a stronger understanding of your customers and how to form deeper connections with them through your copywriting. 

What’s a buyer persona? 

A buyer persona is like a little imaginary friend that perfectly embodies the characteristics of a customer. In fact, you ideally want a little gang of ‘em, to make sure each different type of customer you have is well represented. 
The idea is that, by putting solid research and data analysis into these personas, you’ll get to know everything there is to know about your most common types of customer. When you know what makes a customer tick, you can engage them in a much more valuable way. 

Hit the bullseye with a buyer persona 

Good marketing isn’t built on guesswork. The real star feature of developing a few buyer personas is that you can really home in on who it is you’re writing for and, vitally, what they base their purchasing decisions on. 
That might be price, quality, eco-friendliness or absolutely anything else. If you sell car detailing equipment and know that one of your personas – let’s call him Steve – values science-backed products, then you’ve already got one of the key ingredients you need to get your copy on target. You can enlighten Steve on your products and services and reel him in. 
Writing with only a vague idea of your audience in mind will often result in a watered down message, but if you’re speaking directly to a buyer persona it’s far easier to hit the target. 

Get to know your customers 

How do you go about figuring out these personas, then? Well, you’ve got to look at your typical buyers and everything about them. Whether you do it through online analytics, customer surveys, social media listening or the good old art of conversation, you need to find out their age, level of education, what they do for a living, what their interests are, their biggest stresses, their goals – the list goes on. 
Keep an eye out for common characteristics that can be grouped into a few different personas and build up your little gang of imaginary mates. Doing all of this is exactly how you might find out that Steve’s sweet spot is a research-backed product. 

Target your copywriting 

All that’s left now is to focus your copywriting on what matters most to your personas. Use a tone of voice that suits the kind of person you’re trying to reach, speak to their concerns and values, and try to generate an emotional response in the buyer that makes it crystal-clear you know exactly what they need. 
It might be handy to form a hit list of key criteria that the persona values and tick them off in as many stages of the marketing funnel as possible. 

Need your copy zeroing in? 

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