Keeping all of your marketing platforms active and engaging is a daunting task. By allowing a team of specialists at a marketing agency to handle activity on your behalf, you can free up your time to do what you do best – running, improving and growing your business. 
Are you having trouble choosing from the ocean of agencies out there? Here are some tips to make the process a whole lot smoother. 

Read their reviews 

Word of mouth is still super powerful, so nothing will give you more insight into a marketing agency than feedback from the businesses it's worked with. You can then ask yourself whether the reviews match up with what the agency is telling you and decide if they're the right fit. Hopefully they haven't been telling porkies and really do bring top results. 
It’s important to remember that no company is likely to have a 100% perfect review record... well, sobananapenguin does, but still. By also seeing how the agency interacts with any negative reviews, you gain great insight into how its people deal with such situations. 

How do they market themselves? 

Marketing agencies that have nailed their own website, social media platforms and blog are highly likely to provide the high-quality service you're looking for. 
Make sure to ask yourself the following: 
Does the agency have engaging content on its own website? 
Can you get a clear picture of the brand from its social media? 
Do you like its tone of voice and general approach? 
Does it have an interesting name like sobananapenguin? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) 

Find an agency that complements you 

No, not an agency that calls you a pretty little cutie pie – although that would be rather lovely – but an agency with values that are aligned with your own. 
Checking that a marketing agency has a similar spirit and company culture to that of your business is just as important as perusing its portfolio. You'll be working with these people closely and entrusting them with your brand, so everything will run much smoothly if they share your vision. 

It's 100% your decision 

Never be pressured into hiring a marketing agency that somehow doesn't feel right. You'll be paying good money for the services and it's your brand at stake, so take your time, shop around, ask as many questions as you like and don't be afraid to say no. 

Fancy a chinwag? 

If you'd like to have a chat with me about your marketing, feel free to book a meeting. It's a great opportunity to discuss your needs, throw some ideas around and see if we gel. Who knows, I may even tell you how my marketing agency got its ridiculous name. 
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