Hello, Charlotte here. I'm currently doing some work experience with sobananapenguin. 
So, you’re looking for a marketing agency? Good idea! Staying up to date with all of the latest marketing trends and technicalities can often feel like a daunting task. By allowing a team of specialists at a marketing agency to handle things on your behalf, you can free up your time to do what you do best – running your business. 
Now you’re just left wondering how to pick from the ocean of agencies out there. It is a tough decision, especially as how you market your business has never been more important due to the financial pressure lockdown measures have placed on many companies. 
Whilst considering the best ways to choose a marketing agency, I have come to realise that the process is somewhat similar to how I came to choose Rich (the top penguin here at sobananapenguin) to mentor me whilst starting up my marketing career. I thought I would share three of my most useful tips on my decision making process, and how these can help you to make the best decision for your future marketing ventures. 

Look at its reviews 

Just the same as asking for feedback from students who have previously worked with a mentor, nothing will give you more insight into a marketing agency than the clients they have previously worked with. The Student Futures team at Hull University gave me some fantastic feedback about Rich in terms of the work he was doing at his company and also with previous mentees. Combined with some glowing Google reviews, I was immediately filled with a confidence that this would be a great company and mentor for me. 
Hearing about the experience of the people and businesses that have come before you will give you a good idea of what it’s really like working with an agency. How companies present themselves and how they actually are to work with can sometimes be quite different. Ask yourself whether the reviews match up with what they are telling you. It’s important to remember that no company is likely to have a 100% perfect review record, but also seeing how the agency interacts with any issues will give you great insight into how they may deal with hurdles and challenges. 

How do they market themselves? 

One of the first things I did when considering who would be the best fit for me was to go straight onto the company websites and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). As I am new to the marketing industry, I was looking for a mentor who could give me key insight and knowledge, so I wanted to see if these companies practiced what they preached. sobananapenguin passed the test with flying colours! 
Marketing agencies who have got their own marketing nailed are highly likely to be able to provide the high-quality product and service you are looking for. Think about it. Does the agency you are looking at create engaging content on their own sites? Can you get a clear picture of their brand from their social media? It’s definitely a promising sign if the agency you are looking at is able to market themselves well! 

Find an agency that complements you 

No, not an agency that calls you beautiful – although everyone does like to be complimented – but an agency whose values, spirit and culture are aligned with your own. A key factor as to why I chose Rich as my e-mentor is that the personality of sobananapenguin absolutely resonated with my own. His company is so clearly fun, energetic and passionate about its work; this definitely made me feel like we would get on well together. 
Finding a marketing agency whose values and company culture match your own is just as important as looking at their portfolio. These are people who you are going to be working very closely with, so things will run much smoothly if they operate in a similar way to you and share your values and passion. 

Maybe sobananapenguin is the one for you 

Those are just a few of my personal tips to get you started. Hopefully they have given you some good thinking points to help offer some direction in your search for a marketing agency. Why don’t you put these tips into practice now? 
Specialising in digital marketing, copywriting, social media management and design, check out sobananapenguin and see how well they can tick your boxes. Or better yet, one of the simplest ways of finding out which marketing agency is right for you is to get in contact and have a chat! Give it a try now and fill out a contact form to have a chinwag with Rich. Who knows, he might even share with you the secret to making a penguin out of a banana. 
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