Hey there! My name is Charlotte and after three years of studying hard – most of the time at least – I can proudly say that I am a 2020 Psychology graduate from the University of Hull. I managed to graduate with several key things; a First-Class Psychology degree, some fantastic lifelong friends and a newly found desire to get into a career in marketing. However, I also graduated without any of the relevant marketing experience to enter the industry and a highly competitive job market during a global pandemic... not the easiest of starting points at all. 
Fortunately for myself, I am lucky enough to currently be under the wing of the fantastic Top Penguin here at sobananapenguin, Mr. Rich Sutherland. He is the owner and Managing Director of this nifty little marketing agency which provides copywriting, design and social media management to businesses all across the UK (and seeing as you’re already here, you should TOTALLY check out the rest of the new updated website!) So how did I come to be here, going from directionless graduate to gaining such amazing experience and insight into the marketing industry, I hear you ask? 
Well, after struggling by myself to break my way into any entry level marketing positions over the past year or so of lockdown madness, I wanted to take more control over my future. So, I decided to book a careers appointment with Student Futures at the University of Hull. One of the golden pieces of information that came out of that meeting was about their e-mentoring programme, which sets up students and recent graduates with e-mentors who work in the career field we want to get into. This just felt like the exact sort of opportunity I’d been looking for! 
I was then sent a long list of very accomplished e-mentors who work in the marketing industry and was told to choose someone I would like to get in contact with. There were so many great options, however, the company name sobananapenguin was just so quirky and stood out to me, I absolutely had to check it out! Reading up about things on the company website was the confirmation I needed that Rich was the mentor for me as there was such a sense of fun, energy and creativity. With a few more quick emails back and forth, our e-mentoring pairing became official. I’m hugely thankful for this opportunity; I’m really looking forward to learning everything I can and I just can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. 
So, that’s me. That’s how I got to be here talking to you inquisitive web penguins. From here I am hoping to gain the valuable experiences needed so I can venture out into the big wide world of the ever-changing marketing industry with my starry eyes wide open. Now the real question is, who are you, and where are you going to end up after your journey with sobananapenguin? You can make your enquiry by filling in a contact form and booking a meeting with Rich to have a chinwag about your own marketing journey. 
It’s never goodbye, just see you later! 😊 
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