Every blogger who’s ever blogged has come face to face with our uninvited friend, writer’s block. Let’s be honest, us bloggers and copywriters all relish expressing ourselves through the written word, but sometimes the cogs just stop turning and we go blank for fresh ideas. So, here are just a few tips to get your keyboard clicking and clacking once again. 

Notes, notes, notes 

You might be in the middle of the weekly shop, halfway through a meeting or watching telly round at your gran’s, but you should always have a method available to you for noting down any ideas that appear out of nowhere. 
The smallest spark can grow into a great big blog idea, so keep a notebook or a Google doc handy, gradually build up a bank of ideas and then relax, knowing you’ve always got somewhere to look for inspiration on a slow day. 

Be inspired by the work of others 

No, it’s not stealing. Read blogs, sign up to newsletters and keep up with what industry leaders or peers are up to on social media. People in your field are creating content of their own, so have a gander, see what’s popular, explore any gaps and, if you’re feeling confident, see what there is that you might cover better. 
There’s always value in finding what works for others, then doing it your own way. 

Capitalise on trends 

Get involved on social media, trawl through comment sections, join the conversation in online forums, and find those hot topics that are crying out for more content. 
Platforms like Quora and Reddit are fab for finding frequently asked questions within almost any niche, whilst Twitter and Google Trends give you broader insight into what people are discussing or searching for online. 
Once you find the common points of discussion, get writing and give these wonderful people a reason to engage with your content. 

Build on previously successful content 

Look back through your old stuff and utilise analytics tools to see which pieces of your previous content really hit it off. If certain subjects crop up often or there’s a couple of blockbuster blogs still performing well, create some new content that expands on them. Easy-peasy. 

Document as well as create 

You don’t always have to come up with some brand spanking new, creative idea. Instead, consider telling your story, sharing a recent experience, writing a ‘day in the life’ style diary, or interviewing the top dogs in your industry. 
Any kind of documenting like this can provide food for thought to your industry and be incredibly valuable to newcomers. 

Take a breather 

It might seem counterintuitive, but never underestimate the impact a well-needed break can make. If the blog ideas just aren’t coming, take some time to do something you enjoy, reset the old noggin, and come back to it with a fresh approach. 
You might even find inspiration during your downtime – remember to take notes! 

Call in the cavalry 

That’s us. We’re the cavalry. We’re always partial to a bit of blogging, so if you’re looking to spruce up your written content, we’re happy to have a chat
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