Now then! We’re chuffed to bits with our tasty new website and hope you love it too. Here’s a bit of info regarding why we decided to upgrade our online presence and how we went about it. 

Our old website was absolute pants 

To be fair, that pretty much sums up the main reason for anyone getting a new website. There were so many things wrong with our previous one, but rather than listing its flaws we’ll demonstrate why this new site is sooooooo much better: 
It’s bright, colourful and modern: We consider ourselves a friendly and approachable digital marketing agency that’s super easy to work with. This new site instantly and consistently reflects our brand’s personality, from the cheeky penguin against a backdrop of floating bananas, to refreshed language that we believe comes across as genuine and relatable. 
Each page loads quickly: Online attention spans are short-lived things, which means that every business should OH WOW LOOK AT THAT CUTE DOG! Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, we appreciate that our visitors lead busy lives, so the site has been optimised to load very quickly across all devices. 
Speaking of devices: Whether you’re visiting us on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, iPhone, Android or even a digital potato, the site has been designed to fit your screen and browser without causing problems or overloading your eyeballs. 
Each service is clearly described: We’ve focused on making the information as digestible as possible. If you need a writer, check out our copywriting service. If you’d like to engage more people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the social media management page is right up your alley. Our old site did this to an extent but this new one ensures absolute clarity. 
Safe as houses: We've always had an SSL certificate but the new site comes with much more reassurance in terms of digital security. Phew! 

Huge thanks to It’seeze Hull 

Right then, we’ve told you how awesome this new website is and now it’s time to credit its creators. We obviously supplied the copy but the rest was managed and delivered by It’seeze Websites Hull & East Yorkshire. Nic, Sarah and Liv are amazing to work with and they made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Their pricing structure is really affordable and they also set up a new webmail platform for us, which saves a few more pennies due to everything being part of one package. 
If you’re looking for a web designer that you can trust, we highly recommend getting in touch with the team at It’seeze. They’re extremely talented, professional, helpful and a proper laugh, which makes all the difference. 

You can expect regular blog posts 

We admit that over the last few years we fell into the bad habit of not practicing what we preach. Regularly uploaded written content massively helps a website to gain more traffic and achieve a higher relevance of visitor, yet we barely ever posted to our own blog. The reason for this had a positive foundation, in that we were so busy making clients happy that we neglected our own channels, but this new website has made us give ourselves a kick up the bum. 
From now on, you can expect regular news from the sobananapenguin team and occasional guest posts, plus interesting pieces by University of Hull students who are either doing work experience with our company or being mentored by Rich. It should prove pretty interesting and we’re sure you’ll find our articles useful or entertaining (maybe even both if we play our cards right). 

Fancy a chinwag? 

We love talking to business owners, marketing managers and fellow agencies who need a helping hand with digital content. To find out more about how we can ramp up and fine-tune your marketing activity, give us a shout through our contact form or book a meeting with Rich and let’s see how we can work together. 
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