Hello there, Rich Sutherland here. How’s it going? 
You'll have seen that I provide copywriting and blog writing services through sobananapenguin, but did you know that I’m also a writer of fiction in my spare time? If this interests you, I’d like to borrow a few minutes of your day to tell you about my current project. 
Over the years I’ve been up and down with my personal portfolio, not least because I deliver so much copywriting for clients that I’d usually rather just chill out at the end of the working day. Then the lockdown happened, and even though my business (thankfully) continued, I suddenly felt that I wasn’t being creative enough with my time. That’s when I decided to write some pieces of flash fiction, which is a format I’ve always loved. 
If you’re not familiar with flash fiction, it’s a very short story that doesn’t compromise on character and plot development. Despite being brief and compact, it draws the reader in, takes them on a journey, and concludes in a satisfactory way. I’m a big fan of consistency and precision too, so all of my stories are exactly 300 words long. 
So far I’ve written forty of these little whizzers, with themes ranging from heartbreak to reunion, time travel to space exploration, and there’s also one about a man’s unhealthy relationship with mayonnaise. You know, standard stuff. 
I’ve made a commitment to upload one story every week to my new site, which is named BeardyBiscuits in line with my ridiculous personal brand. It’d be amazing if you were to have a cheeky shufty, as these tiny tales are completely free to read and I’ll love you forever. 
P.S. Well, would you look at that — this blog post is also 300 words long. What are the chances? 
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