Evergreen content is created in a way that ensures it stays relevant for years to come. Properly optimised for search engines, it’ll keep organic traffic flowing long after publication, herding new readers into your marketing funnel for you to convert into happy customers. 

Planting seeds for the future 

Imagine you’re running a graphic design studio and want to attract more traffic through blogs. Whilst writing about the latest nifty piece of design software is absolutely worth your time, it’s worth remembering that apps are always coming and going, so you’ll find that your blogs soon become irrelevant or out of date. 
That’s exactly why you need evergreen content alongside more time-sensitive articles. Blogs about the fundamentals of design, how to make effective use of colour, and any other topics of a similar nature will always be useful to your readers no matter what changes in your sector. 

Types of evergreen content 

How-to guides, listicles, tutorials and glossaries are some awesome ways to create content that lasts, as are little bits of history – maybe of your company, the industry, your building or even your tools. Let’s not forget that evergreen isn’t purely for readers, it can be handcrafted for viewers and listeners too. 

Optimising your evergreen content 

Before you even start writing, it’s definitely worth checking out some keyword research tools to double-check that your topic has good readership potential for the foreseeable future. There’ll be a heck of lot of competition content-wise in popular industries, so it might even be worth creating content based on long-tail keywords to help guarantee traffic. 
Whilst it may also be a no-brainer, you’ll want to make sure that your content is as high quality as possible to facilitate top SEO rankings. If the article includes stats or figures, these will need updating occasionally to keep Google searches on your side in terms of relevance. 

Reaping what you sow: why evergreen content is important 

By producing a solid bank of evergreen content, it’ll continue to bear fruit for quite some time – and we’re not talking bananas. 
We’re all aware of how important content marketing is. It’s an affordable, organic and extremely effective marketing tool. What better way to capitalise on this than having a load of set-and-forget content out there that constantly pulls in online traffic? Plus, the more SEO optimised content you produce, the higher your whole site will appear in search engine rankings. 

Establishing and maintaining a clear voice 

Evergreen content is also a terrific vehicle for your brand voice, allowing consumers to form an association more easily between your brand and the vast swathes of quality content they’re coming across. Become people’s go-to for a how-to and your reputation as an industry leader will continuously grow. 

Let’s grow together 

If you’re after a bit of assistance with your digital content or copywriting – evergreen or otherwise – you’re in the right place. Get in touch and we’ll help you to plant a forest of content designed around your target audience. 
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