"Do you design as well?" 

When sobananapenguin first launched in 2012, our offering was limited to copywriting and social media management. We thought this made sense because it was playing to our strengths, but within a few months we'd had multiple enquiries from clients, asking if we could design for them as well. We hate to let people down, so naturally we took on new team members and diversified our services to include graphic design and branding. 

Total flexibility 

Expanding our services has allowed us to become your go-to creative agency for all forms of content, from wonderful words to delicious design. It also means that you can either hire us for individual bits and bobs as and when required, or as a long-term content manager for the entirety of your marketing activity. Pretty cool, right? 

Design vs. branding 

Design is a very straightforward term. If you need, say, a new business card or a poster for an event, we can design them in no time at all. Then there's branding, which is far more complex and far-reaching. 
Visually speaking, branding includes your colour palette and typefaces, the shapes and images associated with your business, the layout of multiple forms of communication, and of course your company logo. It's how everything works in unison and the overall mood that each combination conveys, helping your audience to understand who and what you are. 
In addition, branding as a whole covers tons more, such as the language you use and the messages you share, how your social media functions, your internal comms, and key methods of making your presence within the marketplace stand out from the crowd. 

Put a bit more simply 

Design takes what you already have, jazzes it up and ends with materials that hit your audience smack-bang in the face – WHALLOP! 
Branding is a comprehensive process that encourages the viewer to initiate a deeper connection with your business and begin a conversation – Mmmm, tasty engagement. 

Versatile designers 

Want to hear something truly ace? Our digital marketing specialists are highly skilled at both of the above. If you want individual materials that pack a punch, we're here for you. If you also want to redevelop your brand so that it perfectly reflects your mission, ethos and goals, we're here to listen, discuss options and fine-tune to perfection. 

What we offer 

No matter what you need, we can deliver it quickly and affordably. Over the years we've created a huge range of materials for businesses in Hull and across the UK, including but not limited to: 
Logos and brand guides 
Flyers, posters and brochures 
Business cards 
Promotional items (pens, T-shirts, bags, stress balls etc.) 
Signage, such as pop-up banners, pavement signs and window stickers 

It’s time to reach out 

Ready for eye-catching graphic design that will set your company apart from the competition? We're ready for a friendly chinwag that will unlock the potential of your brand. 
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