Life is tweet 

Social media is used by consumers and decision makers more than ever before. If your business or brand doesn't have a presence across the key platforms, you're missing out on multiple benefits and preventing people from exploring your products and services. 

What do you want to share? 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are essential when it comes to reaching relevant audiences. Not only that, they're also perfectly designed for conversations, reviews, customer service, recruitment drives, advertising campaigns, and anything else that you want to communicate to the world.  
By hiring a professional social media agency (*cough* That's us. *cough*), you achieve the peace of mind that your channels are regularly sharing high-quality content and responding to all forms of interaction. No opportunity is missed and none of your followers are left hanging. 

Celebrating social good 

As well as promoting your service offering, social media is also ideal for showcasing your charitable activity company culture. From staff interviews and behind the scenes snapshots, to posts about fundraising and community support, by introducing your audience to the faces and values behind the brand you can gain additional trust and strengthen relationships. 

Sheila, meet Terry 

For those of you who love expanding your professional networks, social media is a brilliant method of connecting with likeminded individuals, potential business partners, existing and prospective customers, job candidates, and thought leaders in your industry. When updated only every now and then, your channels won't bring many results, but when managed by an expert, you'll find that they become an integral part of your customer relationship management and lead generation systems. 

Pesky kids! 

Last but by no means least, it's important to bear in mind that Millennials and Gen Z are taking up an increasingly large segment of the business world. Within the next decade, these groups will increase to 58% of the workforce, with many of them in management roles and all of them being consumers. Don't even get us started on Generation Glass, which refers to the young whippersnappers born from 2010 onwards. 
These switched-on people use social media just as much as search engines to find and research products and services, so it's clear that the future of marketing and sales revolves around digital content. 

How much does it cost? 

We appreciate that budgeting is important, so here are our prices: 
Daily posting to all channels, checking and responding to interactions and messages, building a relevant audience, and driving traffic to your website: 
£300 + VAT p/m 
Creation of any channels that you're missing: 
Free of charge 
Working to a smaller budget? 
No worries, we're super flexible. Just get in touch and we'll work something out that suits both parties. 
Optional monthly reports: 
Free of charge 

Pretty nifty stuff, eh? 

The team at sobananapenguin works with businesses in Hull and across the UK. We'll analyse your existing social media setup, suggest how it can be improved, and then take the weight of daily management off your shoulders. To find out more, fill in the contact form below and let’s talk socials! 
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