Content marketing is the process of providing information that’s useful, relevant and interesting to your target audience. When done right, it attracts and retains a defined following that becomes loyal to your brand, ultimately driving more customer action. 
That said, it is not advertising. Rather than acting as a sales pitch for a service or product, content marketing provides material related to your area of expertise that people want to consume. It answers customer questions and meets their needs, whilst showing them in the process that you really know your stuff. 
A common example would be a food brand providing recipes and cooking tutorial videos, without directly telling you to buy their new special sauce. 

What kind of content should I create? 

It can be any kind of content you like. Do it by blogging, sending email newsletters, posting on social media, producing podcasts, videos, infographics, and preferably a combination of several. 
Choose the best format based on your goals and what your audience reacts to the most, then develop a clear plan for delivering quality content on a regular basis. 
Make sure you know your customers and that you’re consistently providing info that’s useful to them, rather than just producing content for content’s sake. In a very tiny nutshell, that’s all that content marketing is. 

Boosting brand awareness and stature 

With content marketing, your brand value will only increase as you become people’s go-to source for awesome content in your particular field. Whether you’re a landscaping business giving people the lowdown on the year’s hottest bedding plants or a luxury hotel chain walking readers through the best European city breaks, if you can become a fruitful treasure trove of information in your industry, you’ll gain more of a reputation, then more readers, and business will snowball from there. 
More importantly, you give people a reason to come back. Constant content breeds brand loyalty – say that three times quickly! 

Nobody likes being sold to 

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being overexposed to ads. If folk are parting with their money, they want it to go to someone who has engaged with them, earned their trust, and developed some kind of relationship. By passing on your expertise through content marketing, you’ll have been doing exactly that from the get-go. 
It’s no secret that by entertaining, inspiring and informing an audience, you can turn strangers into followers, and followers into customers. 

Organic and sustainable growth 

What makes content marketing so grand is that it’s almost always organic. This makes it affordable for your business whilst providing massive value towards expanding your reach through natural growth. 
The swathes of content you put out there will mean that search engines become very friendly towards your site, ensuring it’s far more visible and that it becomes a huge vehicle for traffic growth, especially since it’s the kind of content people are actively searching for. 
You’re not approaching the customer like you might with paid ads. Instead, they find your website themselves because you’re talking about the things they’re interested in. What a dream! 

Let’s talk content 

Digital content is our bread and butter, so if you’re considering entering the world of content marketing but could do with a helping hand, give us a shout
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