We choose your words wisely 

It would be so easy if a business could offer an awesome product or service and get lots of customers without lifting a finger. Unfortunately this isn't the case, as people need to first find your website and then engage with its content, which should be designed to encourage further interaction. This could be the selling of a product or something else entirely, such as signing up to a newsletter, registering for an event or webinar, following your brand on social media, or downloading a brochure.  
Whatever the case, the call to action won't be followed if the copy doesn't immediately grab the visitor's attention like a penguin eating a banana. (Admit it, that grabbed your attention.) 

You need strong comms 

Professional copywriting is essential for all types of businesses and isn't just for the big players. Whoever your ideal customers are, they want to be communicated to in a clear and honest way that reflects your unique voice. Easier said than done though, as copywriting for digital platforms can be a highly complex process. That’s where we come in. 

Unique written content 

Even if you know your company inside out, writing about it can be very tricky. Have you, for instance, used language that suits both the style of your brand and the preferences of your customer base? You may have carried out a spellcheck but what about the sentence structure – does it naturally flow and convey your core messages with ease? 
Then there's search engine optimisation, or SEO, which is what helps Google to list your website in relevant searches. There are multiple factors involved in this alone, including keywords, content length, uniqueness, clarity and readability. Put simply, give your typing fingers a rest and we’ll manage your written content for you. 

Generate a human response 

Strong communication is the heart of effective content marketing, and words are the lifeblood that runs through it. Your website could look tickety-boo and have superb SEO, yet poorly written or just plain dull content will instantly switch off the visitor's interest. 
When done well, web copy doesn't only inform and explain, it also leads to the reader spending more time on your site, clicking on other content, following a call to action, and progressing along your sales funnel faster than you can say "Blimey, I’ve never seen such a beautifully clog-free sales funnel.” 

Messages that pop 

We offer all forms of copywriting and written content, including: 
Text for websites and printed materials 
Blog posts and news articles 
Press releases 
Email campaign copy 
Video scripts 
White papers, brochures and downloadable resources 

We work with all sectors 

Over the years, sobananapenguin has delivered engaging copy for all kinds of businesses in Hull and across the UK. These include accountants, solicitors, engineering consultancies, retailers, IT specialists, arts organisations, educational institutions, and companies in many other sectors. 
Projects have ranged from single sentences for large-scale outdoor advertising, to tens of thousands of words to fill entire websites. As for the style, we can assume any tone of voice you wish, from friendly and quirky to corporate yet approachable. Put simply, we're super-duper versatile. 

How much does it cost? 

Want to know how much wonga it requires before you’ve even contacted us? We can relate to that, so here are our prices: 
£10 + VAT per 100 words (the average webpage is 500 words) 
Blog post 
£50 + VAT for 500 words 
Social media management 
Flexible pricing but our most popular package is £300 + VAT p/m for daily posts 
Press release 
£50 + VAT 
Graphic design 
Priced according to brief 
HTML email campaigns 
£50 + VAT 

Sound good? 

You know it does, you cheeky chaffinch. We're waiting to hear from you and raring to go. 
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